Newcater is an auction and shopping platform for handicrafts, unique, traditional and eco-friendly products using cryptocurrency. The Ecosystem and its support applications are running on Blockchain.

The Newcater ecosystem include but not limited to:
● Newcater.com auction marketplace.
● Cater-Omnichannel sales management app.
● Caterfund decentralized community fund management application.
● CaterWallet multi-functional payment e-wallet.
● CaterTrip Delivery app.
● Cater Token and Cater Private Chain.
● Cater Community forum.
● Cater24h general news site.

Newcater aims at building and developing an e-commerce ecosystem running on Blockchain platform. We apply Blockchain and Smart contracts to boost commerce freedom and improve the existing problems of the current e-commerce. Another goal of our project is to promote the development of the community and local economy, narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, preserve cultural, historical, artistic and traditional values, and to bring benefits to users, developers, and the investors as well.
● Auction platform for unique products.
● Platform of connectivity, sharing, digital asset and income generation
● Promote the community activities and improving local economy.
● Promote worldwide e-commerce and economic freedom.
● Preserve cultural, historical, artistic and traditional values.
● Apply Blockchain technology into life.
● Improve socio-economic issues
By focusing on the segment of local specialties, handicrafts, traditional and eco-friendly products, Newcater promotes the demand and habit of using green products, raises the community’s awareness of environment protection, and reduces plastic pollution. Meanwhile, Newcater will help individuals and localities produce and supply these kinds of products to develop the economy. Once craft and traditional works develops, the cultural, artistic and historic values will be preserved and promoted.
● Improve the issue of lacking shopping centers accept cryptocurrency payments:
Cryptocurrency market has the total market cap of trillion dollars but the global acceptance rate for cryptocurrency is still under 1%. By trading unique products and accepting payments by a variety of cryptocurrencies , Newcater will promote cryptocurrency payments and popularization.
● Improve transparency and the lack of guarantee mechanism:
With decentralized consensus mechanism and Smart contracts on Blockchain, Newcater makes transactions become safe, effective and transparent.
Newcater Private Chain is built to manage the auction activities and improve scalability, speed and high fees of Ethereum network, and solve the existing issues of auction such as virtual bidding, and money laundering.
● Pioneering model with the world’s first auction e-commerce based on Token/cryptocurrency.
● Apply Blockchain technology in management, transaction and benefit sharing.
● Green ocean niche market with global market size.
● Unique, impressive, environmentally friendly and healthy products.
● Bring more value to the community and society as well as the participants.
● Ecosystem and major partners are the levers to effectively support business activities.
● Experienced and highly qualified personnel, together with consultants who are leading experts with many years of experience and many achievements in the field of e-commerce, online payment, international transportation and high-tech.
● Blockchain is the basis for the creation of Cater Smartcontract, which makes cross-border transactions and auction activities become safe, secure and transparent.
● Blockchain is the basis for the creation of Cater token, a tool for fundraising and building tokenomic model in the Ecosystem.
● Blockchain is the basis for decentralized data storage, which makes data storage of transactions and financial index become safe, secure and impossible to counterfeit.
Newcater has been developed and consulted by a group of experts in various countries as Singapore, the USA, China, India, Vietnam, and more. You can see the details on our official website as well as in the Whitepaper.
Newcater will release its own cryptocurrency created by ERC20 standard on Ethereum platform. The ticker is Cater and the total token supply is 200,000,000 and this amount of tokens will deflate in the future, and be distributed to funds as well as crowdsale offering.

● The internal payment instrument in the Ecosystem.
● The auction tool, the reward and punishment regulation.
● Used as reward points in the Ecosystem.
● To assist sellers in promotion new stores , price subsidies, promotion, export support, as well as other competitive support activities.
● Cater Token will be monthly released to reward for sharing, referral, and promotion activities, voting and giving feedbacks for different topics on the platform.
● Buyers can use the Token to rate the product, which makes the product assessment and ranking become more transparent and accurate.
● Promote activities of sharing, referral, voting and promotion for different topics on the platform, count on bonus points and benefit sharing. Cater Token is released and rewarded for those activities.
● Cater Token also functions as a digital asset and a type of cryptocurrency as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can store, invest or exchange goods on the platform with Cater Token.
● Newcater also devotes 8% of its reserves to fund cultural and traditional conservation, poverty reduction, green agriculture, environmental improvement, ecotourism development, and community education, charity, craft promotion, and national identity preservation projects.
Cater Token owners can receive the most practical benefits of buying unique, green products, and other specialties at cheaper prices. Cater members will receive higher discount and discount coupons periodically. If joining sales activity, Cater Token holders will receive promotional sponsorship, competitive sponsorship, their booths and products will be prioritized to appear in key positions, and they will be prioritized to receive direct assistance when needed.
Cater owners are also members of the Cater Community and will receive benefits from this community such as knowledge, business experience, connection activities, supports, help, investment opportunity sharing. Cater Token owners also have power to participate in getting opinion, voting, consensus, nominating, selecting, rating, evaluating, donating for community activities on the Newcater platform.

You can invest in our project during ICO process, or you can purchase Cater Token from traders on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides, you can earn tokens through referral and sharing activities for our project, both before and after ICO.
Newcater expect to start the ICO from 08/2018 with Private, Pre-sale and ICO rounds. Token will be distributed as soon as the ICO ends, and the bonuses will be rewarded after 3 months from the end of ICO.
Private sale round is expected to start in 08/2018 for early investors who registered for Whitelist and special partners of Newcater. The investors of this round will receive 30% bonus of their Token investment value.
Pre-sale round is expected to be open in 09/2018. The investors of this round will receive 20% bonus for their investments. The participating investors of Private sale and Pre-sale rounds are called Cater Leads with their own badge, who can receive special benefit-sharing policy from the platform for lifetime.
ICO round is expected to launch in 10/2018, and the investors will receive 10% bonus for this round. Cater Token is going to be listed on the exchange in Q4/2018. We have been working with a number of partners and exchanges to promote the exchange listing for Cater Token quickly and widely.
The ICO and exchange listing process may be started earlier if the tokens for crowdsale is sold out sooner than expected.
51% Token (102,000,000 Cater) will be distributed to the contributors in Crowdsale phase and they will be rewarded when Crowdsale ends. The remain Tokens will be distributed to funds and budget for expenses, risk provisions, partnerships, business development, and support activities to boost the Token price increase in the future.
● Softcap: 5,000 ETH
● Hardcap: 15,000 ETH
During the ICO process, we accept payments in some popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, … or currencies of strategic partners who have cooperated with Newcater. After the Newcater project comes into operation, we may also accept payments in other popular cryptocurrencies.
Cater Token is expected to be listed on the exchange in quarter 4/2018, or as soon as the ICO ends
An Affiliate program is available for participating investors. You will receive 5% bonus of the new investment from any new investor via your referral link.

If you have other questions, please send your request to the email: [email protected]