Newcater is an e-commerce auction website for unique, rare, valuable, collected, handicraft, traditional, natural and special products representing their origins from nations and territories. This is also the place where you can trade, exchange and auction unique products using cryptocurrency, or create your own revenue due to the exploiting and benefit-sharing mechanism of the platform.
The ticker of Newcater’s cryptocurrency is Cater with total supply of 200.000.000, which is distributed into funds as well as crowdsale.
Cater Token has many use cases, typical of these are:
- Support merchants in pricing sponsorship and making their reward points, sharing benefits. Support artisans in fundraising for conservation and export sponsorship.
- Promote sharing, referral and promotional activities. Newcater will be released and rewarded for these kinds of activities on the platform.
- Vote for the topics on the platform.
- Use applications within the ecosystem such as: commodity trade and service utilization.
- Besides, Cater Token also functions as a digital asset and a cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can use it for commodity trading on the marketplace as well as investment and hoarding.
Blockchain Ethereum, ERC20 technology and Smart contract on Ethereum platform are chosen to be the platform for releasing Cater Token and providing payment transaction, exchanging and exchange listing.
Newcater also develops a private blockchain from the Ethereum mainnet with high efficiency and expanding ability to record non-monetary transactions, together with detailed rating, reviewing applications, aiming to overcome the current limitations of Ethereum such as fees, latency, transaction capacity and expanding ability.
Newcater provides the technological solutions, with the mission and vision of becoming the leading and exciting auction marketplace, where the most unique items of individuals and localities can be traded and exchanged. Newcater builds and applies many new technologies, including Blockchain and Smart contract, which play the fundamental role of increasing trust between parties, and of security, convenience, fast and transparency.
- Commercial auction platform for unique items.
- Platform of revenue, digital currency and digital assest.
- Promote society and local business.
- Encourage e-commerce and trade freedom.
- Apply Blockchain technology into our life.
- Unique ideas, and practical use cases.
- New technology with outstanding features
- Massive capacity but ineffective exploited market
- Benefits society and community
- Experienced Founder team and Adviser team.
Newcater is developed and advised by a multi-national expert team from Singapore, USA, China, India, Vietnam, etc. You can look up at our website as well as the Whitepaper.
You can invest during ICO. You can purchase Cater Token from sellers on the exchanges. Besides, you can earn tokens by referring and sharing this project, both before and after ICO.
Crowdsale is expected to be opened in the 2nd Quarter of 2018.
Softcap: 3.000 ETH
Hardcap: 10.000 ETH
Newcater accepts payments by BTC, ETH, USDT during ICO process. After the project comes into operation, Newcater shall accept payment by other popular currencies.
Besides the mentioned benefits and features of Token, investors who own Cater Token can acquire profits by applications and price increase of Token.
CaterToken is planned to be on the exchanges in the 3nd Quarter of 2018, or after ICO ends.
We have a Affiliate program for participating investors, in which you can be granted 5% of the new investor’s investment through your referral links.

If you have other questions, please send your request to the email: [email protected]