A Vietnamese girl with her successful handicraft start-up in Vietnam

Posted By admin 11/08/2018 10:15:14

Giving up the ideal job in Sai Gon, the biggest city of Vietnam, a Vietnamese girl launches start-up on the plateau.


Doan Thuc, a Vietnamese girl, decided to give up her technical engineering job to launch her craft start-up on the plateau.
Having had a stable job in Ho Chi Minh city for 20 years, Doan Thuc changed her mind to launch her business with the passion of handicrafts in Lam Dong Plateau. 
Dinh Ly Doan Thuc was born in 1981 in Dran town, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, she became a technical engineer and started to work in this busy city.
However, Doan Thuc decided to quit her job and came back to her hometown, Lam Dong Plateau, to do what she has passion for.

Giving up the stable job
“When I was small, I really liked handicraft work, but I became a printing technology engineer when I grew up. After graduation, I had a good job with my major, but the thought of doing my interest is still in my mind”, said Doan Thuc. 
Sharing about her decision, she said: “After many years working in Sai Gon, I had a good position in a big enterprise. But I couldn’t find myself there, I didn’t feel happy with that job. So, I decided to return my hometown to make handicrafts”.
“Return hometown to establish my business at the age of 36 is not late. When I return, I feel very happy. When starting, there might be a lot of difficulties but if you really want to purchase your passion and do your best, success will come to you”.

Feeling happy with her own passion
Doan Thuc shared: “My start-up with macrame (a form of textile making that uses knotting as opposed to weaving or knitting) came to me accidentally. A long time ago, I was interested in plants and flowers so I planted a lot in my house. But my house is small so I tried to hang them up in macrame hanging pots. Amazingly, macrame is new and attractive with many people in Da Lat city, so I decided to execute this kind of product.”
According to her, the art of macrame has been widespread by Arabian weavers in 13th century. After weaving bath towels, shawls, … and braid the redundant threads to make nice patterns. 
When starting working, Doan Thuc did not face technical issues because she is clever and has aesthetic sense. The biggest issue is how to sell those products. 
Most lovely items have been made from cotton cord, rope, … which are suitable for decoration of coffee shops and offices such as for hanging pots, wood pictures, rugs, bags, etc. 
“My current job makes me happy because it’s my interest, I can live a simple and peaceful life in my hometown”, shared Doan Thuc. 
At the early stage, this new and unique product was not popular in the market, Doan Thuc opened an online shop to sell mostly in the US. 
Currently, her items are available in many places as coffee shops or homestays in Da Lat. The number of loyal customers is significantly increasing and bringing in quite stable revenues.


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