Dr. Tinh Vu, Legal Advisor of Newcater, had a speech at VinEx100 2018

Posted By admin 22/08/2018 15:30:27

At the meeting of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network program (VinEx 2018), Dr. Tinh Vu, Legal Advisor of Newcater, had a speech about the law and legislation of technology revolution 4.0 in Vietnam.

He emphasized: Industry revolution 4.0 is developing rapidly. If we can exploit and take advantage of achievements of this revolution, a developing country has the opportunity to catch up (and possibly overtake) developed countries.

However, in legal terms, our legal system is developing very slowly compared to the development of science and technology. That invisibility contributes to the inhibition of domestic innovation and capacity to receive technology transfer from abroad.

So, lawyers cannot stand outside the rotation of history. They must together with the Government develop a standard, safe and modern legal framework so that the country can receive the achievements of revolution 4.0 in the best way.

The meeting is part of Vietnam Innovation Network 2018 organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment from August 18–24 in Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria — Vung Tau.



Dr. Tinh Vu is speaking at the meeting



President Tran Dai Quang is speaking at the meeting