Newcater has won Grand Prize of Tomochain Hackathon 2018!

Posted By admin 31/07/2018 16:49:08


Newcater has won $5000 Grand Prize of Tomochain Hackathon 2018 for our project named TomoCater, decentralized blockchain-based solution for charity and crowdfund management. Our team is thrilled to be recognized for their hard work and talents over the event.

Tomochain Hackathon 2018 is a technical event with theme “Build Blockchain Ecosystem”. There are 9 teams participating in the contest with unique and competitive ideas. TomoCater is excellent to be the best idea voted by judges including well-known founding members from TomoChain, Midas Protocol, Kyber Network, and more.

For the project, TomoCater is the DApp for charity and crowdfund management running on Blockchain. On TomoCater, fundraisers can post their donation campaigns and then the community and patrons will donate money and vote for the campaigns so that the donations can be delivered to those who need support. TomoCater is a helpful project for the community and society. 

"The Grand prize in the TomoChain Hackathon 2018 will be a boost for Newcater to successfully finish the project on an auction e-commerce platform as well as a forum for crowdfunding for exotic products, traditional handicrafts, eco-friendly products, or local specialties”, addressed Mr. Khang Nguyen, CEO of Newcater.