Build and complete a new e-commerce ecosystem with Blockchain technology and dApps to achieve success in the new era.

NewCater is the marketplace combining of Etsy’s model and Ebay’s auction style and applying Blockchain technology and Smart contract in auction, reviews, ranking, rewards and cryptocurrency payments. Newcater specially focuses on green products, unique items, handicrafts, traditional and eco-friendly products.

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Newcater-Omnichannel is the business and management support app which efficiently boosts sales activities. In the first phase, we will develop POS app integrated with Cater Wallet payment gateway which is provided to stores, businesses and retail outlets for free. Next, we can widespread the use of Cater Wallet, and use Cater Token as reward points for all retail outlets.


As a multi-functional mobile payment e-wallet, Cater Wallet is designed to ensure transactions and payments within the Ecosystem are conducted simply, fast, safely and securely. With Cater Wallet, users can store, preserve, exchange and purchase items on Newcater and accepted retail outlets. Besides, Cater Wallet will be connected with Fiat Gateways and traditional financial institutions in the near future.


The general news site for Cater community members to update latest news on the market, the forecasts, analysis, ratios, news and remarkable events of Cater Token and Newcater Community. Cater24h aims to become a useful news site which contributes to promotion for Newcater Ecosystem and meanwhile bring in added values for the Community and the Ecosystem.


TomoCater is the DApp for charity and crowdfunding management running on Blockchain. On TomoCater, fundraisers can post their donation campaigns and then the community and patrons will donate money and vote for the campaigns so that the donations can be delivered to those who need support. TomoCater has won the highest prize in Tomochain Hackathon 2018.


As a fundraising app for start-ups with prepayment model similar with Kickstarter, Cater Fund applies Smart contract in general management. Every item for donation must meet the criteria of Newcater platform such as: the uniqueness, handicrafts or eco-friendliness. The community will negotiate and donate by Token, then vote for disbursement to fundraisers to carry out their products as planned.